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There is so much more to tequila than meets the eye.

Enelalma Means In The Soul

The soul bridges culture. It connects our indigenous and African American heritage, entwined through courage, legacy, and earth.

As the first tequila export from Peña Blanca, we respect authenticity and celebrate shared culture and taste through the lens of agave.

We believe Tequila is a
spiritual experience

Our soul

Our elegant sipping tequila is additive free, made with estate grown agave cooked in traditional brick ovens utilizing deep well water and proprietary yeast, under the direction of Master Distiller Oscar Vazquez.

the soul - Our Tequila

Our expression

Enelalma is an elegant additive free sipping tequila crafted in the Los Altos region




Celebrate shared culture.


Exceptional juice in the bottle.


To see beyond and into the spirit of agave.

enelalma embodies
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partnership and collaboration

We collaborated with talented partners to create an exceptional Highland tequila. Our Founder Melanie Shelby sought out the best artisans, farmers, and professionals in Mexico over several years, immersing herself deeply into Mexican culture, to curate a soul-stirring experience.

Throughout our operations, supply chain, and procurement, we prioritize businesses of color, women-owned, small and local businesses across the globe to amplify and contribute to the ecosystem that sustains us.