Tequila is a spiritual experience that enriches your soul.

The soul is the foundation of our personality, intellect, will, and emotion. It endures the physical to see beyond. Tasting Enelalma epitomizes that experience in every sip. From the passion of our Founder Melanie Shelby to the artistry of our Master Distiller Oscar Vazquez to the rich terroir and beauty of the Highlands; culture, legacy, and distinction await your journey of discovery.

Enelalma honors the rich, legacy, heritage, and shared experience of indigenous and African-American cultures through partnership and collaboration.


A Highland tequila from Los Altos de Jalisco crafted from perfectly ripe agave. The agave is cooked in brick ovens for more than 24 hours and distilled in stainless steel tanks. The mature agave, copper soil and proprietary choices of our distiller and master distiller creates a tequila with spice and citrus flavors on the palate, floral notes on the nose, and a clean satisfying finish that leaves you desiring more.

We enjoy an additive free sipping experience, to highlight the artisanal craftmanship, skill, and passion, that goes into every bottle.

we invite you

To taste, smell, and feel the very best of the Highlands region